Finding the words.

festive fur

I started strong with lots to say; a fountain of ‘blah blah blah’ gushing into print. But then I became a bit self-conscious, worried that I would be perceived as a bit, you know, ‘look at me!’. And closed my laptop, and mind, to blogging. I also ran out of interesting things to say. At around the same time, I ran out of things to draw. I stopped all of it.

Sometimes there’s just no room for doing very much of anything except going to work, feeding the kids- doing the day jobs. The blocker wasn’t actually lack of time or competing priorities, it was just not being bothered. A creeping ennui (to all those eye-rolling: I know – dropping in foreign words to sound intelligent is wanky. But it felt a better fit than ‘boredom’.) took hold. I just spent the tail end of Autumn wanting to mouth-breath while staring at Bake Off and Strictly (I have a massive girl crush on Motsi Mobuse btw, she’s officially bumped Mary Berry off my ‘dream dinner guest’ list.).

Worse than not being bothered to pick up a pencil, I couldn’t be bothered to find something to draw. I just couldn’t be bothered to find inspiration. Some days every leaf, building, bird etc. triggers a response; a curiosity about whether I have the ability to capture it on paper. Other days I don’t see those things. I’m not looking.

I googled it. I’m not alone. Turns out I’m not special and this is totally normal. The way to fix it is to take the sting out of it all by getting prepared, and making hay while the sun shines. So, now that I’m feeling in the art groove again, I’m keeping busy and I’m preparing for the time when I can’t be bothered with it all. I’m chosen monthly themes to help get around the arse ache of deciding what to draw/paint’?

So 2020 will be:

January – feathers and fur (not as kinky as it sounds)

February – coast

March – fields

April – man made wonders

May – clouds

June – botanicals

July – reflections

August – human form or bits of it

September – Autumn

October – hands, feet and ears (facing my fears- rhymes too)

November – abstract

December – boozy reflections and 2020 top 10.

Don’t be too impressed by the list. I literally just made it up. But I’m going to try to pull together pictures/images/ideas for each theme so that I’m ready. I’m toying with colour again, which has really made this art stuff more interesting. I’ll need your help with recommendations of paper, art supplies, top tips etc. I spend as much, if not more, time stressing about the cock-ups I make than feeling quietly chuffed about my art.

So, here’s to 2020! I’ve started some fur prints. Mainly because I have an aged dog who sleeps all of the time so is a perfect (I nearly wrote paw-fect but remembered I’m not Alan Partridge) subject. I had a bit of success but some basic points still catch me out. 1) starting a sketch in the middle but then realising that it isn’t even close to the middle and half of it won’t be on the page. Argh! 2) buggering up the background. Leaving it white, makes a painting look like it’s not anchored, and without shadows the main subject can look a bit flat. So far, my biggest fails have come from throwing some colours down at the last minute, that look awful. Still I’m learning to be a bit more patient. I think I just want to rush the early stages so that I can get to the fun bit. Might revisit the colour wheel too.

Was quite chuffed with my starling – but irritated that it’s a bit off centre.

“To draw you must close your eyes and sing”

Pablo Picasso (according to some website)

I tried Pablo’s tip but my bird looked like it had been sucked into a plane engine. To add insult to injury my ears hurt and my neighbours hate me.

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I'm Beryl, I'm giving blogging a go and publicly charting my meteoric rise to mediocrity in my artistic endeavors. I'm new to blogging, and new to sharing in such a public way. But I'm doing this in the hope that the creation of a new habit will help me stick to learning, and ultimately make me a better human.

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